Crea by a second life is a pseudonym, a feeling, an idea, but above all a wish. But who or what is behind it? My name is Véronique. I am 42 years old, married and have three monsters. A creative lady of 16 years, a gamer of 11 and a princess of 7 years. We live in a very Frisian village and that does not make me a mother, but mem.

Due to circumstances I can't go to work. Although I would really like that. Through a Second Life I contacted the outside world.

A second life stands for a new life. For as long as I can remember, I have the urge to make things. Drawings, clay pieces, sewing pieces, knitting pieces, embroidery. At school, craftsmanship and technique were my favorite subjects. On trade I had the most fun building up windows. Graphic school was great. But at the age of 26 it stopped a bit, with the arrival of my first child. Not that I didn't make anything anymore, stuff like baby blankets, clothes.

Hours of drawings with her and a world of portrait photos. Yet something had changed due to circumstances. 31 I, when I changed course, said goodbye to a life I no longer wanted.

New happiness came my way. New love, new family. A second life.

But with two children (a daughter and a stepson) it became no less busy, in fact, even less time to make something. Yes, except food and clean laundry.

After the arrival of our third child, the creative urge increased. Window paintings, season-related craftwork, clothing, and hours of drawing with them.

Now they are all in school, I am a stay at home mom and I have time left. Not much, but just enough. And when I have energy left over I make everything.

It started with paintings of felt. First a little awkward, it was not complete, something was missing.

I've been meditating and puzzling. Until I was tidying up the cupboards for the umpteenth time and again I was sitting with piles of too small good, everywhere worn full of holes good. While cleaning up I came up with an idea. Instead of always throwing it away I could give it a second chance. From that moment on, I incorporate into everything that I make, something that is reused. Usually it is old clothing, sometimes necklaces, but actually everything.

One thing leads to another. Paintings, stuffed animals, decorations, utensils ... My immediate environment was immediately very enthusiastic about it. The compliments were nice to hear. I am very hard for myself, so I am more careful about that myself. Due to circumstances, past events, I have become very insecure about myself and it is not easily good enough. Still, I was encouraged to continue and do more with it. "Let others see it too," said a friend, "you'll find they love it." The easiest and fastest way was of course the social network

from facebook. (Incidentally not always the best, but it was well received) So I also started selling my work, giving things away as my cupboards gradually burst out of their joints and there had to be room for new ones. Everything for a small price seemed logical. And as support for a good cause. Namely foundation the forgotten child. I don't want to make much of it. I want to leave something behind, an impression, a smile.

Someone who has always lived in the shade also wants to shine

Sometimes I receive requests. Now I would like to raise it a step higher. But only when the time is right. Most of the things I make are actually not that difficult at all. And I don't mind sharing my "secrets" at all. I am proud that replicas of my creations have emerged and show off on Pinterest. With this page I want to inspire people, help them to be creative. With new inexpensive materials and with materials that you would otherwise have discarded for a long time, but which are not nearly ripe for the garbage dump. 

Take a look arround.