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Published on 17 February 2020 at 23:01

Just like with Christmas you can make various fun things for Easter. In this blog I show you what we (my kids and I) have already made here in recent years

Easter bunny window decoration.

What you need:

  • Sturdy paper or cardboard
  • Felt
  • Buttons
  • Ribbon
  • Beads, bells
  • Fishing wire
  • other decoration

Print the above pattern in the desired format. Cut it out and transfer it 2 times to felt and once to cardboard. Stick the two pieces of felt on both sides of the cardboard. Decorate the Easter bunny to taste, with felt, beads, feathers, etc. Make a hole between the two ears with a needle and thread the fish yarn through it. Make several and hang them in front of the window.

Easter decorations of wool

Make 2 donuts from cardboard, place them on top of each other and make a cut. Wrap yellow wool around it until the hole in the middle is almost no longer visible. Now slide the wool aside so that it becomes easier to put a sharp pair of scissors between the two donuts. Hold your thumb firmly on the wool in the hole and cut the threads of the outer ring. When all threads have been cut, take a double piece of thread from the same wool and pull it between the 2 circles. Tighten the thread and tie it tightly. Now you can remove the two donuts. Slightly polish the bulb and trim it if necessary. Stick two wiggle eyes in front of the eyes and a piece of felt like beak and legs. Place it with your Easter piece or hang it in your Easter branch

Make a glitter silhouette on canvas.

Button painting

Make a painting of an old shirt as a background and old buttons as a silhouette. Search for a figure on pinterest. Put the lines with textile chalk on the fabric and fill it with the buttons.

Make felt figures for the Easter branch

Click on the photo for a description (work in progres)

Make newspapers art

Grab a newspaper with a lot of text and few photos (this otherwise distracts a bit). If you want to keep it transparent, use the colors watercolor. Don't make it too wet. To make sure that your work does not curl, you can put something heavy on the corners. If you want to cover your drawing, coat the place you want to use with gesso. Make a drawing and then color it with poster paint. It is best to use a waterproof marker for the lines.

Make a messy drawing

Click on the photo for a description.

Also good to use in a bujo

Bread dough figures is always a success, here's your recipe for the best dough.

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