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I had a statue of it at home for 10 years now. Super cute, a round little man consisting of a jacket with beard and a hat up to his round nose. Until 2 years ago the Action (discount Netherlands) sparked a new craze, was my unique man, something I had never seen before.

By the way, did you know that these men play an important role in the Scandinavian Christmas? And that  the story of the American Santa Claus would be based on these little men? That they are called Gnomes for us, but the Danes, Finns, Norwegians and Swedes know them as Tomte, Tonttu or Nisse. In these countries they are seen as protectors of the barnyard. In the old days, people were convinced that these gnomes were possessed with the soul of the first inhabitant of the farm and that it ensured that the people and animals of his farm were safe. To ensure that the Tomte or Nisse continued to protect the farm, the residents honored the gnome on Christmas Eve with a bowl of julegrøt (Christmas porridge with butter). If it was not there on Christmas Eve, the house gnome would pack his bags and that would lead to poverty and misery for the farmer and his family.

The gnome has been associated with Christmas since the last century. He was given the name Julenisse or Juletomte. And, just like the American Santa Claus, he brought presents to people for Christmas.

Well I never knew where it came from (although I could have imagined it) or what it was called. But almost all of us now know what a Gnome is. And although it's a temporary thing for most people, he won't let go of me. They are not only fun to make, but also fun to draw.

In this blog you will find a collection of my drawings and dolls which I have made

click on the picture for tutorial

Fimo Gnomes are not only for Christmastime, but for the whole year.

In this video I show how the spring gnome came about. I will make a better video later on.